‘Undead’ Release Date and More on ‘Daybreakers’

We just got word form the Spierig brothers who said they are pretty sure that Lions Gate Film’s will get their kick ass zombie movie Undead (review) out by the first quarter of 2005. As for their recently announced Vampire film Daybreakers, they emailed us over a little more detailed synopsis from what was originally reported. Read on for the scoop.
You can read the original announcement here. Below is the synopsis I received from Peter:

As for Daybreakers – Vampires are the dominate species on the planet, they have tried to continue their lives as normal people. Human beings are on the brink of extinction, it’s just a matter of time before the entire human population is wiped out. Vampires will suffer an eternity of starvation and madness if they can’t find an alternative to human blood. One man discovers a solution that will save the vampire race – they must become human again.