New Review: Another Look at ‘Blade: Trinity’

I can’t wait until December 8th when New Line Cinema’s Blade: Trinity (review) hits theaters, the reviews have been all pretty positive. Today we received a new review from Paul Nomad of who really enjoyed the third entry to the ‘Blade’ franchise. David Goyer’s film stars Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Parker Posey and Dominic Purcell. Read on for the review.
I was just reading a review of Blade: Trinity on another web site. This reader didn’t seem to like anything about the film, saying that it just didn’t feel like a Blade film. While I agree that Dracula himself doesn’t get a lot of screen time and the feel of this film is way different from the dark vibe of the first 2, I don’t agree that it made it a bad movie. It’s just a different movie. The dark alleys and clubs visited by the blood suckers after dark are replaced with the entire city. The scope of this film is larger, so the landscape should be too. There are no award winning performances here? It’s a BLADE movie! Did you expect character monologues?

First off, the mix of characters are very likeable. You’ve got Blade playing his usual smart ass but mainly bad ass guy. Believe it or not, he’s not the straight man here! Whistler’s daughter played by Beil is the younger model with the new school gear. Her moves will remind you of Blade from the original film, cutting through vamps with fluid ease. This to me says major effort and she was very effective in the role. The girl can act, you have to give her that. Next is Van Wilder..and I have to say right off, I’d watch Van Wilder VS the Vampires any day! His scenes were hysterical. Did it have a place in the movie? Yea, if thats the character! Did they do it too much? While it was a bit excessive, it was very funny. Also, it wasn’t like he was spitting out one liners in every scene and didn’t stop the pacing of the movie just to deliver them. Most of the comedy heavy bits were just with him and the baddies. Trust me, you are going to laugh.

Dracula is under used, I’ll give you that. The plot does seem a bit lost, but it is a thin one, and a re-used one at that. The action takes you right through the story. The secondary vamp squad will take you back to Decon Frost’s gang, albeit a more rediculous version including Parker Posey, Tripple H from WWE and a guy looking like Ray Parks. These guys play up the “I’m so evil you’ll pray for death so you don’t have to watch me be evil anymore,”…but it’s enjoyable! They are young vamps who are obviously out of their league standing next to Blade or Dracula, and that’s what the movie called for. You’ll practically cheer every time one bites the dust literally, and that’s what a baddies function is supposed to be. Mission accomplished.

Trinity is fast, funny and fun. The crowd at the NYC premiere was cheering and hooting all through it. This is also the perfect introduction to the Nightstalkers movies. Gone is the gumby like CGI fighting. Beil and Reynolds can kick ass with the best of them and play off of each other well. Also, if any execs are reading, Reynolds has my vote for Deadpool! Withe the impending success of Blade: Trinity, you can be sure hollywood will continue to crank out the Marvel goodness.

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Source: New Line and Paul Nomad