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‘Halloween 3D’ Pulled From Dimension’s Release Schedule! It’ll Be Back, But As What?

Halloween 3D isn’t gonna happen this year. Aside from the fact that it’s no longer listed on Dimension’s release schedule, it’s also simple math. It’s March. For a quality film to come out by October it would at least have to start shooting around now. But not only is Halloween 3D not shooting, it’s not even in pre-production. There’s no cast. There’s no approved script. It’s still in development.

When BD’s Brian Collins sat down for a chat with Todd Farmer about the status of this project back in September, the date still looked to be October of this year, if not sooner. Farmer had worked on a draft that the studio had set aside, but his takeaway from the experience was that Dimension wanted it soon, regardless of whose take they ultimately might end up using. “Absolutely. The date has been set. October of 2012. And even that can be pushed forward if the movie’s ready, like the last couple.

Apparently things have changed and Dimension hasn’t found a take on it that excites them. In a way, this could be perceived as good news. It’s widely known that Dimension still wants to make the project, and I take it their enthusiasm for the brand hasn;t dimmed since last year’s Farmer interview. Perhaps they’re just putting a lot of care into making sure it’s done right this time.

When the Halloween franchise returns, where would you like to see it go? A continuation of Rob Zombie’s path (not likely)? Or a whole new take? What would it look like to you?




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