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Four New ‘Dark Tide’ Clips Wash Ashore, Continue To Disappoint



Dark Tide

We’ve got four more clips from Wrekin Hill Entertainment and Lionsgate’s Dark Tide, their shark thriller from Turistas director John Stockwell. These clips aren’t the worst thing ever, but they’re not great. Sadly, the whole thing reeks of my biggest pet peeve, laziness.

The flick leads off with a three-week Ultra VOD window on March 8th with a theatrical release on March 30th, culminating in a packaged media and Digital Download release, the Halle Berry thriller will head to home video on April 8.

Kate (Halle Berry), shark naturalist and documentarian, has been reluctant to re-enter the water since the tragic death of her mentor. Once renowned for swimming with Great White Sharks without the protection of a cage, Kate now spends her days giving mundane wildlife tours. However, the surprise arrival of her old partner and boyfriend, Jeff (Olivier Martinez), convinces her to face her inner demons and get back in the water with the fiercest of predators.

Dark Tide also stars Ralph Brown, Adi Shankar, Luke Stein, Mark Elderkin, Thoko Ntshinga and Sizwe Msutu.

Hit the jump to check out the clips. Tell me, does it feel like the filmmakers are on autopilot? Or am I wrong?


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