Eli Roth Getting Ready for the ‘Fever’ Again

Eli Roth, who hasn’t released anything since Cabin Fever (review) in what feels like decades ago, has a few projects under his belt- one of which is to produce the ‘Baywatch’ movie. Yeah really! Inside you can read some details on Cabin Fever 2, which is still in the script process at Lions Gate…
Moviehole scored the scoop:

Don’t think just because he’s investing in floaters – geez, did that sound right? – that the horror is behind him though. In fact, “Cabin Fever 2” is still a go-go for launch. “We are getting in the draft next week from Randy Pearlstein, who I co-wrote the first one with. He’s got such a good idea for the sequel, and I can’t wait to read it. Lion’s Gate is rearin’ to go, so hopefully once the draft comes in we’ll start preproduction. I know I was the face of “Cabin Fever,” but Randy really helped “flesh out” the characters before I killed them off in horrible ways”, explains Mr Olsen, ah, Roth.

Source: Moviehole