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[Random Cool] Spoiler Alert!

Spoilers are tricky territory. Different people require different amounts of information, and different people think that websites are either doing (or not doing) their job depending on the amount of information they dole out.

For example, a few hours ago I posted this article in which I discussed the ending of Season Six of “Dexter” while talking about the start date of its upcoming Seventh Season. One or two of the readers called me out for spoilers. The thing is, I haven’t even seen Season Six – I just kind of assumed that four or so months later the ending of the season of a very popular show would somehow be ingrained in our pop culture vernacular.

Not that I think people who don’t want surf spoiled are wrong – they’re not. Everyone should have a chance to enjoy their favorite shows in the way they see fit. At the same time, this study argues that spoilers don’t affect the way we enjoy our entertainment. But since we participate in a culture that discusses this stuff 24/7 – there have to be rules.

And those rules are what the below video spells out. Of course some of them are completely ridiculous – but I actually agree with a few of the base points made here. And we even have Julie Benz from “Dexter” in it to help spell things out. Thanks to Jonathan Barkan for forwarding this along.




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