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Tom Six: “‘Human Centipede 3’ Will Have A 500+ Person ‘pede.”

Human Centipede

Rushing to get this up before my flight, Tom Six shocked the horrorverse last night with his absolutely mind-boggling tweet that The Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence) will feature a porn-style centipede the size of one of those porn star sex competitions:

#humancentipede3 will have a 500+ person pede. XXXXL American style! tweeted Tom Six, who will also have a role in the third and final film.

While Six has kept plot details under wraps, Bloody Disgusting recently confirmed that both Dieter Laser (pictured above left) and Laurence R. Harvey will return in The Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence), both in starring roles. Laser played the evil German surgeon “Dr. Heiter” in First Sequence, while Harvey played the creepy “Martin” – a man obsessed with Six’s first film – in the sequel Full Sequence.

The real head-scratcher that’s got my interest piqued is that writer-director Tom Six himself will play a supporting role in the film! I think we’re about to go super-meta!

Principal photography will begin this May in the States. The film will be released in 2013, presumably by IFC. It is also confirmed that Final Sequence will actually be the last film of the Human Centipede trilogy.

The American finale will be 100% politically incorrect.



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