[OMFG] Lawyer Notes From Lizzie Borden Trial Discovered - Bloody Disgusting
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[OMFG] Lawyer Notes From Lizzie Borden Trial Discovered



With all of our modern technology everything is documented and stored, everything but what’s hiding in our disturbed minds. This is why it’s so important when uncovered documentation from historial events are uncovered, which is becoming increasingly more rare as we continue to swarm planet Earth.

An insane article has appeared over at the Boston Globe that reports on the discovery of all of the notes from Lizzie Borden trial.

When the sensational murder trial of Lizzie Borden ended in her acquittal, much of the evidence ended up with her family’s attorney, Andrew Jackson Jennings. From the infamous “handless hatchet” to bloodstained pillow shams found at the crime scene, the historical trove sat for years in Jennings’s attic, stored in a Victorian bathtub.

Now the final piece of that collection, two handwritten journals Jennings kept during the trial, have emerged from obscurity, providing fresh insight into the mysterious 1892 case that continues to tantalize crime and paranormal buffs. Read all about the journos here.


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