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TV: [Spoilers] Find Out Who Plays Michonne In ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3!

Spoiler Warning

A month after casting David Morrissey as iconic Big Bad The Governor, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has brought in “Treme”‘s Danai Gurira (pictured below) as the badass Michonne, the legendary heroine from the Robert Kirkman comic series on which the zombie drama is based, reports THR.

While I have yet to watch the finale, the hooded, sword-wielding badass made her onscreen debut in the final moments of Sunday’s season two finale, saving Andrea (Laurie Holden) from an almost certain death when she arrived — with a pair of armless and jawless walkers chained behind her — to put down an approaching zombie.

Based on the character in the long-running comic series by Kirkman, the hooded Michonne arrives much the same way she did in the AMC series: Saving Otis from a group of walkers and joining Rick and company in the safety of the prison, which was featured in the final scene of the season Sunday.

The third season begins this coming October with much anticipation as the creative crew behind the series is quite aware of the pacing issues. In fact, things have been on the up and up IMO. What say you? Danai Gurira



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