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Image Comics Takes Us Into The Light This April!



Now this one looks interesting. Image Comics has announced its plans to release the new effort from “OLYMPUS” scribe Nathan Edmonson “THE LIGHT” this April. The story itself sounds like something between “30 DAYS OF NIGHT” and “28 DAYS LATER” and is being penciled by none other than Bret Weldele (“SURROGATES”)!

“OUTBREAK” — The new series from the writer of OLYMPUS and the artist of THE SURROGATES. In Oregon, a mysterious virus infects anyone that looks into an electric light. An abusive father blindfolds his daughter and together they escape town as people are burning alive from the inside out. A fierce, action-packed and gritty tale of survival, THE LIGHT is 28 DAYS LATER meets 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.

Image Comics’ “THE LIGHT” hits stores April 14th! (MSRP $2.99)

Read on for the the first 4 pages of this exciting new series from Image!


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