Hooper Plans ‘Toolbox Murders’ Sequel

It was just recently announced that Lions Gate Films would release Tobe Hooper’s remake of Toolbox Murders (review), which a lot of people have been dying to see for a long time now. Even before the remake hits video shelves later this year, Tobe Hooper is planning a sequel. Read on for the quick scoop along with news on his next movie and Hooper’s goal for horror…
In the new issue of Rue Morgue Magazine (issue #42), Tobe Hooper was quoted as saying:

Adam Garasch and Chase Anderson are writing it (the sequel) now but we’re moving on at the moment though. I’m doing another script of theirs called Mortuary that’s horrific again in that way I mentioned earlier (in the interview), about that character I’ve been cast into life. I’m going to make things very scary from now on.

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