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TV: A&E Bringing Rosario Dawson’s “Occult Crimes Taskforce” Back From The Dead

Back in September of 2006, Dimension was developing O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce, an Image Comics series that launched in July of that year. That comic was co-created by Rosario Dawson and David Atchison, and it was always designed as a star vehicle for her.

But time changes things. Obviously that iteration of Occult Crimes Taskforce never happened but, proving that there’s hope for even the most tortured of development projects, now it appears as though A&E and “Walking Dead” producer Gale Anne Hurd may have come to the rescue.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, “Rosario Dawson is teaming with The Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd to bring her graphic novel to A&E with both women attached as executive producers. The scripted drama, an increasingly appealing genre for the cable network, will explore the inner workings of the task force, which was established after the Civil War to make the New York City streets safe from practitioners of black magic, demons from another dimension and all manner of supernatural malcontents.

The show “will center on the character of Sophia Ortiz, a new member of the bureau who uses magic, spells, ghosts, the undead and the unnatural. At the heart of the story is an ongoing struggle between the O.C.T. detectives and an organized demon-force attempting to take over Manhattan.

This concept sounds like it may actually be better suited to television than film, I could actually see it taking off as a variation on the standard police procedural formula.



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