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[Set Report] Preview From Prague Locations Of ‘Frankenstein’s Army’!

Frankensteins Army

Frankenstein’s Army is ready to strike!

BD stringer Elmar Berger writes in from set where principal photography for Richard Raaphorst’s Frankenstein’s Army starring Karel Roden (Hellboy), Hon Ping Tang (The Fifth Element)and Alexander Mercury (The Golden Compass) among others, wrapped this past Friday near Prague, Czech Republic. Bloody Disgusting was given the opportunity to spend a day on set, and boy, the film’s producers couldn’t have picked a better location for the World War 2 Nazi-monster flick! An old run-down mining complex hosted various sets where a major part of the action took place. This mining complex, that nowadays serves as a museum to the public, is located between a still working prison and a shooting range of the Czech police from where constant gunfire was heard all day long. Add to this numerous actors dressed up as German and Russian soldiers armed to their teeth, and the illusion of being a time traveler that accidentally stumbled into a world war 2 battle is complete!

To top this experience BD was granted a peek into the films FX shop filled with a massive number of bizzarre monsters and creatures. The nice folks of Unreal FX even showed us some fx test footage they filmed earlier where, well, actually I can’t tell you that right now, but as a small hint, that particular scene involved a half Nazi, half mosquito monster!

The major part of the film’s creatures have been designed by director Raaphorst and since he’s a fan of old-school horror most of em have been brought to live be practical fx!

It’s pretty sure that Frankenstein’s Army is going to be a bloodsoaked ride or, as actor Robert Gwilym who plays a captain of the Russian army says “I’ve never been in a more violent movie!

A much more detailed set report is going to be published here pretty soon, so keep watching this space!



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