In Case You Forgot to Get Dirty in the Movie Pit…

[color=yellow]What, you haven’t seen our delicious MOVIEPIT yet? You’re missing out on a chance to interact even more. The new MOVIEPIT is a design of wonder and it’s set up specifically to cater to regular users here on B-D or people looking to kill some time. Inside you can find our little tour of the PIT, but if you hate instructions, then just click the link above or the link on the navigation bar.[/color]
The Movie Pit is brought to you by Blood flavored milk- it does a body good.

I’ll make this short and sweet. Our movie pit is designed to keep you posted AND participating with our movie database. We try and update it daily and we show you some of what’s been updated.

When you go to the main Movie Pit page you will find the following:

[color=yellow]Upcoming Movies:[/color] Clicking here will get you to a complete list of upcoming horror films. We are trying to add more TV movies and direct to video movies that are hitting stores. I ask that any independent film distributors or filmmakers please feel free to keep me posted (E-mail) on your upcoming releases, but make sure to include specific information.

[color=yellow]The Latest Reviews:[/color] Here you can see the last five movies we’ve reviewed here on B-D. Click here and you can check out dozens more of the latest reviewed movies.

[color=yellow]Newly Added Movies:[/color] Check out movies that were just announced or added to our database daily. If you don’t see an upcoming movie you’d like to see in our database, let us know (E-mail)!

[color=yellow]The Latest Trailers:[/color] Sometimes you can’t make it to the site everyday, so you might not know a new trailer has been released, so check here often and see what’s new!

[color=yellow]The Most Popular:[/color] Here you can see what’s hot on the radar and what people are dying to see. Easy enough.

But it gets better!

Inside each movie there is a movie info page that looks like so (click me). You can add your own Reviews and even make your vote count on our patent [color=yellow]BD Horror Meter[/color]! Also there are links to tons of images, trailers, official sites and more.

So what are you waiting for? Go browse, be promiscuous, touch everything.

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