Dr. Uwe Boll Pushes Fan Over the Limit…

As we all know there was a recent test screening of Uwe Boll’s second movie Alone in the Dark, which Lions Gate will be releasing on January 28th. Word on the web was that it was awful. I haven’t seen it yet and can’t wait to do so, I’m really going to feel bad if it’s a good movie- but something tells me we’re not going to be surprised at all. It just so happens that one of our new reporters ‘Oversights’ was the fan who wrote AICN in with a review of the film- yes the one that Uwe Boll responded directly to. He was fuming by Uwe’s response to his review and asked that I post his rebuttal. Inside you can find a response to a response to a response- will it ever end?

Brain (Oversights) review on AICN: click here

Uwe Boll’s response on AICN: click here

…and now Brians response back. I can’t wait to see Uwe Bolls response, it should be something like this, “It’s a good movie, you’re stupid, you fans know nothing, you’re idiots- it’s good because it’s good and I spend millions so it is good. It is better than Underworld- you idiots.” Cheers!

Well, I knew it was coming going off of his previous attitudes towards negative reviews, I knew it, but didn’t know when.