DANGER on the Radar- I’m ‘Scared Stiff’

One term that gets thrown around in the horror genre is “dagger in the coffin”- meaning an end to all things we either love or hate. Last year we finally saw the dagger jammed in the coffin for those damn ‘Scream’ flicks and things are really going well for the horror genre- for now. Inside we’ve got some news on a new film called Scared Stiff, which gets me a little nervous about its potential and what it could do to the future of horror….
Variety reports:

Filmmaker William Moreing is adapting tween bestseller “Scared Stiff,” with Scholastic Books authors Jahnna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner to pen the script.

Story concerns a teenage brother and sister who live above their parents’ mortuary business. They must stop the corpse of a mass murderer that has come back to life and is out for revenge.

“The potential audience for ‘Scared Stiff’ is huge,” said Moreing of the 9- to 16-year-old market. “There are many R-rated horror films released every year but virtually none made for younger teens and pre-teens.”

Pic, which will have less graphic violence than an R-rated pic, will emphasize friendship as the teens survive by leaning on each other and finding the strength to overcome the odds.

Source: Variety