Combs Teases ‘House of Re-Animator’

The news is slowly getting on the web, which could be good news for Stuart Gordon’s latest ‘Re-Animator’ project entitled House of Re-Animator. The movie’s plot has been kicked around since the release of Beyond Re-Animator last December and now the “agents” are getting involved! Read on for the scoop…
Pollution writes in:

I spoke to Jeffery Combs at Starbase indy today (11/25) about the possability of doing another Reanimator movie. It seems that his agent contacted him last month regarding such, and he said, “I love that character. I would really like to do another movie. I can’t wait to get the script.” It seems that before Jeffery gets his hands on this script there are certian contractual items that need to be clarified. Jeffery can’t wait to get started on this one.

Stuart Gordan said a few months back, “One idea I am kicking around is House of Re-animator. It is a political satire that should certain people be back in office, then I would do it. I hope I do not have to go ahead with it, but if I do, it would be about V.P. Cheney passing from a heart attack and since he basically runs everything, Dr. West is called in to bring him back. I would only go on with this in the event of re-election as otherwise it would be old news.”