Black Flame Gets the Ball Rolling on Books

So obviously if you are here at B-D, then you apparently love the horror genre, or you seriously ended up at the wrong place. So how about reading? Do you enjoy reading? How about reading horror? Well if you answered yes to all of these, then you will be in Heaven thanks in part to the people at Black Flame. It seems they will be coming out with various editions of horror books, some based on Friday the 13th, others based on A Nightmare on Elm Street. Sounds like fun…
Fangoria reports,

Gascoigne reveals additions to a couple of the key horror lines: JASON X: PLANET OF THE BEAST by Nancy Kilpatrick arrives in June 2005, and FINAL DESTINATION: END OF THE LINE by Rebecca Levene is coming the same month. He adds, “It looks like August 2005 for our fourth launch, a new FRIDAY THE 13TH series, with the brilliantly named CHURCH OF THE DIVINE PSYCHOPATH by Scott Phillips and HELL LAKE by Paul Woods.”

Gascoigne adds that Black Flame’s primary goal is to deliver to the franchises’ fans. “It all boils down to two simple rules, really: Be true to the subject matter, and be any good,” he says. “If you’re writing about Jason, it’s gotta be Jason. He can’t give it all up in chapter six and settle down to run a convenience store. The guy’s a machete-wielding maniac, pure and simple.

“Meanwhile, yeah, OK, so these books are kinda pulpy. Damn right they are! Cheap trash, though? Perish the thought! We might be firmly in the land of the B-movie here, but what made the movies so popular was a certain flair and quality, and our books are written the same way. The last thing we want is for a curious reader to try one, only to hurl it away in disgust at a lame plot or an unrecognizable star. Pulp and proud, that’s us, and we’re damn good at it.”

Black Flame became involved with New Line after its parent company, Games Workshop, had great success with its LORD OF THE RINGS games. Gascoigne notes that the New Line honchos “check and approve absolutely everything we do, pure and simple. They are very active in ensuring that their properties are represented properly, and have been incredibly helpful in guiding us and our writers to produce books that we’re all proud of. Yes, we’ve had a few occasions where we’ve sent in something we thought was great, but they’ve not been so keen, but we’re definitely learning what gets them excited. And I must add that they’re really into their stuff. We’ve not had one report of spontaneous vomiting or similar reactions to any of our material. We can’t help but suspect those guys are as big a bunch of gorehounds as we are.”

Gascoigne and company have so far nabbed a number of significant genre authors to contribute, including vampire fiction veteran Kilpatrick, UK “queen of cyberpunk” Pat Cadigan and ex-JUDGE DREDD editor David Bishop. But as far as film people becoming involved, “We’ve cast the net wide while researching these titles, and we’ve managed to put our writers in touch with various members of the original creative teams for these movies. To a man they’ve been incredibly helpful and supportive. But like all their charitable work and donations to deprived children, I’m not going to embarrass them by naming them here. They’ll get their reward in heaven.”

Source: Fangoria