‘Saw’ is Going to be Tearing Up Our DVD Players Soon!

Being such a huge fan of this movie, as if you couldn’t tell with my AOL screen name, I am thrilled to be able to say that Saw (review #1, #2, #3, #4) is finally coming home! Inside we have all the details for you, including an awesome looking package as well as some the street date and some special features that will be included on the disc.
The DVD Details:

Lions Gate Home Entertainment brings one of the most terrifying and psychologically thrilling movies to DVD with the release of Saw. Obsessed with teaching his victims the value of life, a deranged, sadistic serial killer is abducting morally wayward people and forcing them to play horrific games for their own survival. Faced with impossible choices, the victims must struggle to win back his or her life…or else die trying.
A box office hit, Saw has an all-star cast that includes Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter and Leigh Whannell. The movie was written and directed by James Wan. The DVD specs are listed below:

Rating: R for strong grisly violence and language
Closed Captioned: Yes
Spanish Availability: Yes
Format: Widescreen and Full Frame
Audio Status: 6.1 DTS & Dolby Surround 5.1
DVD Special Features: Commentary with Director James Wan and Writer/Actor Leigh Whannell; “On The Set” Featurette, Music Video for Fear Factory’s “Bite the Hand That Bleeds,” Making of “Bite the Hand That Bleeds” Music Video, Trailers and TV Spots.

Source: B-D