Lin Shaye Spooked By ‘2001’ REAL Ghosts?!

Lin Shaye, who stars in Raw Nerve Films’ 2001 Maniacs, was in the presence of hundreds of ghosts, according to Inside you can read about her crazy experiences on Tim Sullivan’s film, which also stars Robert Englund. Raw Nerve is run by ‘Cabin Fever’ director Eli Roth.
Sci Fi Wire writes:

Lin Shaye, who co-stars with Robert Englund in the upcoming horror film 2001 Maniacs, told SCI FI Wire that the real Civil War structures used as sets were haunted. “We were at an outdoor museum in Georgia, where they have gathered together these buildings, a schoolhouse, a courthouse and an incredible mansion that was used as the home for my character, Granny Boone, who I don’t think was in the original [Herschell Gordon Lewis film Two Thousand Maniacs,]” Shaye (There’s Something about Mary) said in an interview. “The setting was extraordinary, but it was infested with ghosts. I’m not kidding.”

Shaye added, “Walking around there by yourself was really an experience. I can’t even really tell you why. Whether you believe in that or you don’t believe in that, it was loaded with ghosts, just loaded. The place was just a loaded gun there, with its history. One of the most amazing things that happened was we wanted to use the Confederate reenactors, because they do a lot of movie extra work for productions in Georgia. They were all excited to do it, but then someone sent them the script, which I don’t even think they asked to see. And after they saw the script they wrote this scathing letter back to the first assistant director saying, ‘This is pornographic. This is disgusting. We would have nothing to do with your project and we wish the curse of the South on you.'”

The next day, Shaye explained, the assistant director tripped down the steps of a trailer, hit his head and endured a seizure that lasted nearly 20 minutes. He was sent to the emergency room and ended up not coming back. “There was a series of stuff that started happening,” Shaye said. “[Director] Tim Sullivan got stung in the neck by a hornet and was down for a day. We had an actress who passed out and had to be taken to the emergency room. I’m telling you, if you didn’t believe in ghosts you do now and if you believed in ghosts you understood why you do. I was fine. And you know what was weird? Somehow I felt safe, and I don’t know why. I’m Jewish and from Detroit. But I did not feel at all threatened.” 2001 Maniacs is in post-production and its makers are currently seeking a distribution deal.”

Source: Sci F Wire