‘Evil Dead 4’ Still an Option in 2008?

Sam Raimi, creator of the ‘Evil Dead’ trilogy, hasn’t sold his soul to the devil just yet. According to a recent interview, Evil Dead 4 is “still in the cards.” Read on for the scoop. The other week Raimi announced he would produce a remake of the original Evil Dead, alongside Ash himself, Bruce Campbell. No news on a director or Ash replacement yet…
Zap 2 It writes:

“When he’s all finished with the “Spider-Man” franchise, director Sam Raimi thinks he’d like to go back to his horror roots and add to his “Evil Dead” series.”

What, when Bruce is like 80?

Zap 2 it continues:

“Raimi first got noticed with his low-budget indie “Evil Dead” in 1981, followed by “Evil Dead 2” in 1987 and “Army of Darkness” in 1993 which follows the story of the reluctant demon killer Ash., played by Bruce Campbell, who has had cameos in all the “Spider-Man” films.

“I definitely want to do it and I think after — whenever the Spider-Man jobs end — I would love to dig in on that,” Raimi says. “That’s something I’m really looking forward to.”

He’s already approved the remake of his 1981 “Evil Dead” which is a sequel to “Army of Darkness,” but he doesn’t plan to direct the remake. Instead, he wants to continue the story with a fourth film.”

Source: Zap 2 It