Renny Harlin Has ‘Full Moon Fever’

Coming off what people would call the disastrous Exorcist: The Beginning, which I actually enjoyed somewhat, director Renny Harlin is beginning a new project in the horror genre entitled Full Moon Fever, a werewolf comic book adaptation created by Joe Casey for publisher AIT/Planet Lar. Inside you’ll find the full story…
Variety reports that, “Renny Harlin will develop and helm a feature based on the upcoming graphic novel “Full Moon Fever” for producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter.

Story, created by comicbook writer Joe Casey for publisher AIT/Planet Lar, is set in the not-too-distant future. A group of blue-collar workers is sent to repair the deserted first lunar base on the dark side of the moon; they soon discover they’re not alone as they fall prey to a pack of ravenous werewolves.

Casey, whose background includes writing “X-Men” and “Superman” comics, pitched the project to Askarieh at this summer’s ComicCon and will script the adaptation while working closely with Harlin, Askarieh and Alter.

Alter likened the project to “30 Days of Night,” Steve Niles’ tale of vampires in Alaska that was picked up by Sony Pictures and Sam Raimi in a bidding war two years ago. He said Harlin was the best fit for “Full Moon Fever” thanks to his experience directing “Deep Blue Sea” and his development work on the third “Alien” film.

“Full Moon Fever” has not yet landed at a studio. Askarieh and Alter also plan to develop a “Full Moon Fever” videogame to bow simultaneously with the film’s release.

Askarieh is a producer on Universal’s “Spy Hunter,” set for 2006 release with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring and John Woo directing; he’s also producing the vidgame adaptation.

Askarieh’s Prime Universe and Alter’s Alter Ego Entertainment are partnered on several projects based on the Aftermath line of comicbooks from publisher Devil’s Due, including “Blade of Kumori,” “Defex,” “Breakdown” and “Infantry.”

Source: Variety