Jason’s Mother Becomes the ‘Bell Witch’

A hope story in Hollywood today is one about a family in Tennessee in the late 1800’s who is tormented by a ghost. There are currently three films about the Bell Witch in production as we speak, and one has just added a famous mother to its cast. Read on for the news…
Fangoria reports:

Big River Pictures, producer of BELL WITCH: THE MOVIE, has announced that Betsy Palmer, who became a horror icon as Jason’s murderous mom in the original FRIDAY THE 13TH, will provide the voice of the titular supernatural villainess. The actress is flying from New York to Burbank this week to record the Witch’s voiceover. Writer/director S. Shane Marr heard Palmer’s voice on a Halloween TV show, and says he’s excited to “have such an incredible legend of ‘screen scream’ bringing the Bell Witch to life.”

BELL WITCH: THE MOVIE is one of three recent features to document a legendary haunting that took place in Tennessee in the 1800s; there’s also this past fall’s DVD release THE BELL WITCH HAUNTING and AN AMERICAN HAUNTING, currently shooting in Romania.

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Source: Fangoria