Eli Roth Begins Yet Another Project…

Eli Roth reminds me of when I used to draw- I’d start a million pictures, but never finished any. Eventually though the big screen is going to be loaded with Eli Roth pics, so lets hope he can duplicate the success of Cabin Fever. Inside you can read about his next project, another remake of the 1971 zombie film Dead Night..
Moviesonline.ca writes

“According to the Daywalker Eli Roth has signed on to direct Dead Night. A movie that as of right now has no release date. This is a remake of the 1972 Bob Clark film.

The plot of this movie is a young man killed in the Vietnam War. Through a series of circumstances, he is brought back to life as a zombie. When he returns home to his small town, his friends and family assume that he is shellshocked from the war and are unaware that he is a creature with a murderous lust for blood.”

Source: Moviesonline