‘Exorcist: The Beginning’ in Theaters Sometime in 2005

Yeah you read it right, Warner Bros. is releasing Morgan Creek’s earlier Paul Schrader version of Exorcist: The Beginning in theaters sometime in 2005. How this makes sense is beyond me- if the movie was so bad they reshot the entire thing, why would anyone pay to see it in theaters? Just to see how bad this one is? Anyways, read on for the scoop.
Moviehole writes:

Why isn’t Paul Schrader’s cut of “The Exorcist : The Beginning” listed as an extras component on the soon-to-be-released DVD?

Easy : His version is set to be released as a stand-alone movie all of its own.

“Paul is currently in post-production on the movie, as we’re anticipating a limited theatrical release here in the United States sometime in 2005″, Morgan Creek told Moviehole this morning.

When Schrader was hired to do the film, he was told to deliver a “non-pea soup” take.

“They made it clear — no spinning heads and no pea soup,” he told Daily Variety earlier this year. “So that’s what I delivered, but then they changed their mind.”

Stay tuned for an official release date for Schrader’s cut.

Source: Moviehole