Someone Kill Me Now- Before Next ‘Summer’

They should feel abashed… Sony and Columbia seemed to be on the right track, but obviously they want to take a step backwards- if Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t blowing smoke up all of our arses. According to Hewitt, Sony is about to make a big mistake and is working on a I Know What You Did Last Summer 3. I can promise you one thing- B-D will boycott the HELL out of the flick. Read on and prepare to lose your lunch…
Dark Horizons transcribes from Cosmopolitan Magazine:

And any more “I Know What You Did Last Summer” movies? “At one stage we were doing one, then they were doing one without us, then it was going to be a telemovie and last I heard they might want us back for a third one, to wrap it all up. They’re a lot of fun to do, and not as easy as they look”.

Source: Dark Horizons, Pat J.