UPDATED: Lions Gate Gives Us a Taste of 2005

Lions Gate Film and Lions Gate Home Entertainment has a butt load of movies coming out in 2005, but today they’ve given us a look at a stack of direct to video titles we’ll see in 2005- Read on for the list.
Lions Gate Horror writes, “So I was thinking, there’s so many rumors and dates floating out there for upcoming LG stuff, might be best to set the recrod straight on what’s on its way and what’s hogwash. More importantly, where does hogwash come from and what was its original meaning? We’ll save that for another day…

Gargoyle: Wings of Darkness – December 28th
Open Water – December 28th
Farscape: Peacekeeper War – January 18th
Switch Killer – January 25th
Season of the Hunted – January 25th
Saw – February 15th
Cube Zero – February 22nd
Madhouse – February 22nd
Toolbox Murders – March 15th

And then there’s our future titles which are yet-to-be-announced on DVD. Stay tuned for more info on these as they come to light.

Alone in the Dark
Black Gate
Blood Trails
Dead Doll
Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein
Fear X
The Final Cut
Infection (The first of the anticipated J-Horror titles)
Premonition (The second of the anticipated J-Horror titles)
Stephen King’s Riding The Bullet
Stephen King’s Desperation

Source: Lions Gate Horror