‘Cursed’ Soundtrack Pieced Together

Wes Craven’s newest horror film, Cursed, is set to hit theaters everywhere on February 25th- so what can we expect on the soundtrack? Well a little Scream fansite did a little research and was able to piece together a bunch of the tracks we’ll see come February. Read on for the list.
The following list comes compiled from Scre4m:

Better Now – Collective Soul
Lil Red Riding Hood – Bowling for Soup
You’ll Never Catch Me – Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell
This is a Forgery – Dashboard Confessional
Bound Too Long – Crystal Method
Are You Ready – Three Days Grace
Fine Without You – Alkaline Trio’s Carmen Rizzo
If You Don’t Jump (You Are English) – GusGus
Still Need Your Love – Reno
Title Unknown – Apollo 440
Title Unknown – Junkie XL featuring Saffron
Title Unknown – MBD featuring Marco Beltrami

Sources included Rolling Stone, MTV and more reputable sources.

Source: Scre4m.com