Camp is Long Over- When Does it Start Again?

Is almost New Years now and we’re still waiting on the highly anticipated Return to Sleepaway Camp, where the hell is it? Inside a scooper got word from the producers- and if it’s true, it’s some really kick arse news!
Sleepawaycampfilms writes in:

I asked one of the producers what the hold up was. Here’s what he said:

A year since we finished principal photography…… The reason we still don’t have it done is FX, FX, FX……we have an AMAZING European FX house doing the CGI. The folks who did Any Given Sunday are doing the music now and we start screenings end of February…… Look for the film to be in theaters next summer for sure. The FX are the best I’ve seen in the genre and amongst the best when compared to big budget pictures from the major studios. You will LOVE the quality of this film.

Source: Sleepawaycampfilms