A Whole LINE of Romero Games Coming!

It was announced a long long time ago that there would be a George Romero video game made in the near future, only details were there would be tons of zombies to kill. Well now there’s news on not one- but dozens of Romero games coming in the future. Read on for the scoop…
IGN writes:

“George A. Romero has made a career out of scaring the pantaloons off moviegoers while giving them a chance to laugh — and think a little — in the process. Now, Romero’s unique, zombie-filled take on horror will get a videogame treatment, as Hip Interactive announces an agreement with Living Dead Productions to produce a series of George A. Romero-branded games.

Details have yet to be revealed, but the games, expected for “all current and upcoming platforms,” would almost certainly be based on Romero classics such as Night of the Living Dead and the original Dawn of the Dead. Hip expects to announce the first title soon.

“Horror fans have been searching for the ultimate experience in gaming, and we intend to deliver it to them with the tremendous creative input of legendary director, George A. Romero, and Living Dead Productions,” said Arindra Singh, President and CEO of Hip Interactive.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to share George’s work and ideas with the game buying public,” said Simon Bailey, Managing Director of Living Dead Productions. “We are very impressed with the quality of work that Hip will bring to the games. George’s fans and gamers alike will not be disappointed!”

Source: IGN, BowzerBlack