Funny and Creative People Wanted for Part-Time B-D Staff!

[color=yellow]We are looking for a few fun, creative, funny and crazy people who are interested in writing a weekly (or bi-weekly) column for and If you think you have the right stuff, read on for more details and get your humor out to thousands of readers…[/color]
We have thousands of daily readers who come to the site for news, reviews and interviews- but we would like to separate ourselves from other horror sites by carrying more interesting and fun columns for our readers to enjoy. An example on the web of something I find very interesting is over at where they do a “poster roaster” and make fun of upcoming movie posters.

Do you think you’re creative? Do you have something fun in mind that you could submit to us on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis for thousands of people to read? Then here’s what to do (applicants must be 18 years or older):

E-mail me your idea- along with a small sample
-Your name
-Your age
-What other websites you work for (if any)
-Tell me anything else you want me to know

Hopefully you can join our quickly growing staff and be part of the B-D team!

Source: E-mail me here