Sweet New Zombie Flick Takes over the ‘Mayans’

Man zombie movies are hot! there’s at least seven coming out next year that I can think of off the top of my head. But this new announcement is actually pretty cool for an indie feature, it’s called The Day of the Living Dead: The Curse of the Maya. Inside you can read more about this new zombie flick, which is still without a distributor…
Fangoria writes:

“Hot on the heels of the unofficial sequel DAY OF THE DEAD: CONTAGIUM, veteran B-filmmaker David (PRIME TARGET) Heavener recently completed his own variation on the George Romero mythos titled THE DAY OF THE LIVING DEAD: THE CURSE OF THE MAYA. Heavener directed, produced and stars in the story of Mayan Indian family who are viciously murdered and later rise from the dead as zombies to terrorize the new inhabitants of their former home. Co-starring Amanda Baumann, Joe (SOULTAKER) Estevez and Todd (DIFF’RENT STROKES) Bridges, the movie was lensed at Heavener’s own farm in California. No U.S. distribution has yet been secured yet; you can find out more about the film at its minisite (where it’s just called CURSE OF THE MAYA) here.”

Source: Fangoria