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FULL Free Comics For Labor Day!!

The wonderful folks over at Newsarama are offering FULL FREE COMICS ONLINE just for Labor Day, right here. As if you didn’t already have a reason to sit on your ass all day, but hey, one more excuse can’t hurt. So check out some full issues of some of the hottest comics around like The Walking Dead, Spawn, Haunt, and much more! Thanks Newsarama! Read on for the skinny…

newsaramalogo Labor Day weekend is always a time to sit back, relax, hang out with the family, and of course, read comics that you haven’t yet had time to read. Newsarama is offering a whole crap-load of free books for the day giving you a chance to catch up on some hot new books, or check out a series that you haven’t got around to. Enjoy you Labor Day, and happy readings!



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