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Another Series Gets The Marvel Axe

Ghost Rider’s cancellation should not come as a shocking surprise given that Marvel has been cracking down on all their femme-heroes as of late. The rumors spread out earlier this week and Rob Williams confirmed the news via Twitter yesterday afternoon. He was grateful to all his fans and had the following to say: “Sorry to confirm the news about Ghost Rider’s cancellation. It’s disappointing. Thanks to everyone who bought the book.” Check out the scoop on Marvel’s cancellations after the jump. Read on for the skinny…

Edit: For those that aren’t aware, along with Ghost Rider, Punisher: MAX, X-23, and Black Panther have have been canceled.

ghostrider Marvel has been laying down the axe on both employees and several series over the past few weeks, which is a good thing considering how many damn books they manage pump out. With DC running the majority of the market share last month, Marvel finds itself themselves in a place they have not been for years…the dreadful second place! Fear Itself was a massive letdown, and I imagine much of what is going on at Marvel is a backlash from the big event.

Obviously, Marvel isn’t in a state of panic, they still dominate much of the comic industry, and their films are second to none in terms of profit. With the Avengers movie on the way, and big plans for December, Marvel should come soaring back. Still, expect to see some pretty big changes at Marvel over the coming months, nothing as drastic as a full reboot, but changes nonetheless.



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