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Another One Bites The Dust



Whether or not you read DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE or not, you’ve gotta feel for Rob William; this is his second book that’s been axed this week (Ghost Rider was first). This begs the questions of which of your favourite low-selling series will make the cut? Thus far, Marvel cancelations include PunisherMAX and Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive, Ghost Rider, X-23, Alpha Flight, Victor Von Doom, Destroyers, Iron Man 2.0 and All-Winners Squad. Thats quite the heavy load of nine books! Check some more Marvel speculation after the jump. Read on for the skinny…

Daken Many of you are probably wondering which book is next? It could be X-Factor, it could be DeadpoolMAX, nobody knows for sure, but chances are if it’s a book selling anything under 20k issues a month, it’s not safe. It has not yet been said whether or not they will continue to lay any more books to rest, but judging by the way things are going, there will likely be a couple more that bite the dust. Which books are you scared of losing?


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