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EXCLUSIVE: Resurrection Man #4 Preview!

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that DC’s dark lineup from the New 52 has been absolutely killing it over the past few months, and Resurrection Man stands out as one of the strangest and most alluring of the bunch. Resurrection Man is one of those books that is full of little hidden pleasures about a hero who literally cannot die. To go with the insane plot line is, Dagnino’s artwork is remarkable if nothing else. Check out the Bloody-disgusting exclusive 4-page preview of Resurrection Man #4 courtesy of your friends at DC Comics. Read on for the skinny…

ResMan4cover1 WRITTEN BY: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Fernando Dagnino
RELEASE: December 14

“Who is the Transhuman? And why is he risking his life for the Resurrection Man? And even with his help, will our hero be able to fend off the bounty-hunting Body Doubles and the forces of both Heaven and Hell?”

ResMan4cover ResMan4_1

ResMan4_2 ResMan4_4



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