Preview: The Immortal: Demon In The Blood #1 - Bloody Disgusting!

Preview: The Immortal: Demon In The Blood #1

Another brand new horror title is flying in your face from Dark Horse next week, The Immortal: Demon in the Blood. Dabbling in epic samurai action, this new title focuses on a warrior who loses it all and finds salvation in the ancient magic of tattoo art. sounds pretty darn good, right? The Immortal: Demon in the Blood is in fact an adaptation of the award winning Japanese novel, Ura-Enma by Fumi Nakamura. If you dig tattoo art and samurais (who doesn’t) then this little guy will have you jacked. Check the four-pager right here.

ImmortalDemon1 WRITTEN BY: Ian Edginton,
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Vicenç Villagrasa and José Luis Río

“Wrongly branded a traitor by his fellow samurai, Amane is attacked and left for dead. When he is found by a mysterious tattoo artist, his life is saved–and changed forever! Connected to an immortal oni through a mystical tattoo, he creates a new life for himself as Enma, an apprentice tattooist. But Enma’s new life comes at a price he has yet to realize . . .”