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Review: Brody’s Ghost (One-shot)

Young twenty-something Brody has been attempting to live a standard twenty-something existence, except this goal is hindered by the lingering presence of ghosts. Brody decides to build up his psychic and physical abilities (with the help of the ghosts) in order to unearth the identity of the elusive Penny Murderer. Dark Horse Comics has taken 4 stories from the series (originally posted on MySpace Dark Horse Presents) and put them into this campy and fun one-shot! Read on for the skinny…

brodyghost STORY AND ART BY: Mark Crilley
EDITED BY: Rachel Edidin
PUBLISHED BY: Mike Richardson

This one-shot of Brody’s Ghost contains four tales from MySpace Dark Horse Presents, and this one-shot issue serves as a short anthology of the series. In the first story, “The Midnight Train,” Brody opens up a can of whoop-ass on some thugs who attempt to mug a young girl. In “The Scene of the Crime,” Brody goes back to the scene of the crime of one of the Penny Murderer’s victims. While there, he uncovers some useful information from someone he runs into. In the third installment, “The Test,” Brody learns the value of perseverance while training with the ghosts. In the last story, “The Big Game,” we glimpse into Brody’s attempts to live a normal existence, despite amusing interruptions.

Brody’s Ghost puts together some interesting episodes that establish the series’ story arcs really well. It serves as a solid introduction to someone who hasn’t read the series; the different episodes definitely keep the reader wanting to know what happens next. The order of the stories is confusing at first, but it is difficult to capture all the aspects of a series in one issue. Nonetheless, the stories are still interesting, funny, and they capture the essence of the characters quite well.

The art in Brody’s Ghost uses a more “sketched” look to capture some of the rougher details in faces and scenery. The city scenes especially look raw, a little dirty, and paired with the slightly dulled color palette, it adds an authentic quality to the characters and their surroundings. This realism, in turn, keeps the pace of each episode in check; the episodes that are supposed to be more amusing are relaxed and light, while the action episodes are full of expression and have a more suspenseful tone.

Make sure to check out Brody’s Ghost when it drops on December 28th! Preview right here



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