First Image of the First Ever Zombie Chicken!

Come on, tell me this isn’t hilarious? I’m dying to see Sam Drog’s Zombeak, which is about a zombie chicken! “The world’s first Satanic Killer Zombie Chicken movie! On the darkest night of the year, when Satan is allowed free reign to walk the earth, a motley crew of Satanists kidnap a sharp tongued southern waitress to be a given up as the Dark One’s bride and mortal host of the antichrist. But when her rowdy redneck friends botch up the ritual in a violent rescue attempt, all the power of hell is inadvertently transferred into the most unlikely of hosts, a sacrificed chicken! Now, the Satanists and Rednecks battle one another as an evil most fowl threatens to swallow their souls and transform them into a demonic army of the walking dead! Who will survive the terror of Zombeak!?” Read on for a tease of your new zombie cluck cluck…

More ‘Zombeak’ needed? Click the pic below for more images or head on over to the official website:

Source: Check out the official website