B-D Wants You to Have a ‘Merry F’n Christmas’

Although he’s not at all horror related Denis Leary is easily one of the rudest, crudest, most despicable characters in all of Hollywood. He smokes “15 packs a day,” drinks and loves his red meat bloody- and he hates everybody. Basically he wants to wish everyone a “Merry F’n Christmas” on his new CD, which just hit stores in November. You can win one of three copies and watch a hilarious video from the CD by reading on…

DENIS LEARY: Merry F’n Christmas

Denis Leary, one of the most recognizable faces in comedy, has recorded a new holiday comedy single- Merry F’n Christmas. The song was recorded in the studio live with a companion animated video that will run during the holidays on Comedy Central and at comedycentral.com.

Want win a copy? We’ve got (3) to give away along with a surprise or two from Comedy Central. This one’s easy. E-mail me your full name and address and write “Denis Leary” in the subject line.

Denis’s last two records sold over 700,000 combined units and are some of the most critically acclaimed comedy albums ever. The CD contains the hilarious Merry F’n Christmas single and over 15 extra minutes of standup and rare songs. Denis continues to receive huge media exposure, the focus of which now revolves around his hit show Rescue Me on F/X.

Watch the Video HERE.


ONE Merry F#%$in’ Christmas (Studio)
TWO Fat Guy on the Plane
THREE Deaf Mute Cocktail Party
FIVE Jack Goes to School
SIX Insane Cowboy (In Africa)
SEVEN Coffin Rap
EIGHT The Theme from Jesus & The Gang
NINE Dogsledding
TEN Merry F#%$in’ Christmas Live)

Source: Comedy Central