The Director of ‘Stacy’ Raising More Dead!

Director Naoyuki Tomomatsu, who took American splatter cinema and mashed it all together in the zombie pic ‘Stacy,’ is back with more of the undead. This time Tomomatsu will once again attempt to bring another cult classic from Japan to the US with his next zombie flick Zombie Defence Force. Read on for details…
Fangoria writes:

“Japanese moviemaker Naoyuki (STACY) Tomomatsu has a new living dead flick in production, titled ZOMBIE DEFENCE FORCE. Knowing a good thing when he sees it, Tomomatsu has once again filled his movie with flesheating schoolgirls. Fango’s Japanese correspondent Norman England sent us a news report from the location:

“I just spent the weekend up by Mount Fuji in a resort being utilized by the ZOMBIE DEFENCE FORCE crew. I had a great time on the set, and while it’s ultra-low-budget, I was impressed with ZOMBIE’s crew, cast and the fun story–not to mention that Tomomatsu fully understands the zombie genre. I think this will be a lot more fun than STACY, maybe even a winner. ZOMBIE DEFENCE FORCE is awfully bloody, but not in a morbid or perverse way.”

Our scribe also got in on the gory action. “On Sunday I was tapped to appear in the film as an English teacher at an all-girl high school,” England tells us. “While en route to Mount Fuji, we encounter a UFO and our bus gets overturned. We return later as a group of zombies staggering down a highway with Mount Fuji behind us.

“I was the envy of the entire male cast, as I got to spend the day with 15 high-school girls,” England continues. “I had a blast with them getting made up, teaching them about zombies and genre history and just enjoying the total wackiness of it all while at the foot of Mount Fuji, which just made the experience all the more unreal.” ZOMBIE DEFENCE FORCE should be completed by spring and playing in Japan as a limited theatrical/DVD shortly thereafter.”

Source: Fangoria