‘Dead Meat’ Gets Limited Theatrical Release!!

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Conor McMahon’s zombie flick from Ireland called Dead Meat (review). I was lucky enough to see the movie, and Screamfest LA should get some major props for picking up the film for the fest, which showed the film this past October. Well Fangoria and Hart Sharp Video in NY picked up the film for domestic distribution, which means you’ll see it either in theaters late winter of 2005 or early spring 2006 or on video in June 2006. Follow the link above for images, trailers and more or read on for details on the release…
Fangoria writes:

The Fangoria Presents GoreZone VHS/DVD label (distributed by Hart Sharp) has acquired all U.S. distribution rights to DEAD MEAT, the first zombie horror film from Ireland. Written and directed by Conor McMahon, DEAD MEAT concerns a strain of mad cow disease that turns people into cannibalistic ghouls. A Spanish tourist (Marian Araujo) and a local gravedigger (David Muyllaert) flee across the barren Irish countryside in an attempt to escape the escalating menace. Fango will release DEAD MEAT to select U.S. theaters in late winter/early spring, with the DVD release set to follow in June.

“DEAD MEAT immediately caught the attention of Fangoria and Hart Sharp,” says acquisitions chief Steven Mackler. “The film is a gutsy and fast-paced addition to the horror genre. We also feel that the film has theatrical legs, based on its success on the festival circuit and with fans.” The Fango staff discovered DEAD MEAT at Los Angeles’ Screamfest in October.

“Just when you think the zombie genre has breathed its last, along comes another refreshing surprise,” says Fango editor Tony Timpone, who consults on the GoreZone label. “Living dead movies just keep coming, but few are as exciting, clever and move at such a breakneck clip as DEAD MEAT does. The movie grabs you by the throat right from the start and doesn’t let go. These Irish lads, director Conor McMahon and producers Edward King and Michael Griffin, have a bright future in horror.”

“I am thrilled to `death’ with the news that my favorite magazine has secured the rights to release our first film DEAD MEAT in the U.S.,” says King, who runs Ireland’s only genre film festival, Horrorthon, every Halloween and oversees a production company under the same name. “We feel that that alone is giving us the Fango Seal of Approval. We have gathered up some great extras for the eventual DVD release, including a documentary entitled MAD COWS AND ZOMBIES, along with other bonus footage. We hope all you die-hard horror fans enjoy DEAD MEAT and remember that it’s not what you eat…it’s who you eat!”

DEAD MEAT has won kudos from many web critics, including Scott Weinberg of hollywoodbitchslap.com, who wrote, “First-time writer/director Conor McMahon keeps his flick trucking along quite smoothly, tilting his cockeyed camera at the frequent `money shots’ and delivering scene after scene of wet zombie-riffic goodness. The action bits are crisp and slick, the zombie chomps are adorably gory, and the whole thing is wrapped up with a great dose of distinctly Irish humor.” Cinemavault Releasing, which holds all worldwide rights, brokered the DEAD MEAT deal.

Source: Fangoria