B-D.com’s Top 10/Bottom 5 Movies/Posters & more of 2004!

[color=yellow]Here it comes- 2005- and what a year it’s going to be! As 2004 comes to a pass, we’ve seen all sorts of breakthough horror films and it’s hard to say what it’s going to do to the movie industry as a whole- even though there are at least 15 zombie movies coming out next year! If you click here, you can check out Buzz, Blueteamno and my official picks for this years best and worst films along with the top movie posters of the year and my own little random award section I like to call the “Fun List.” Then after you vote, head on over to our official Top 10 of 2004 forum and write your picks- we’ve got an entire list of this years releases available at either link.[/color]

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