Another Look at ‘Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis’

A few weeks back we posted the first ever review for Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis and Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave from the Grave thanks to two awesome LA spies Oversights and Jim Diggins. Inside you can find another review for ‘Necropolis,’ which sounds like it’s the only one of the two sequels worth checking out….
Review by Oversights:

Keep in mind this is a review of a work print:


I dug this flick! This was one of the funniest zombie films in years. What you have is a story
revolving around a group of kids, we aren’t really sure where there from, but they’re there because of a big corporation. Sh– goes funky, and they have to rescue one of their buddies from the giant corporation before Charles Garrison (Peter Coyote) turns him into a zombie. Coyote puts in a wonderful performance as a disgruntled mad scientist.

This flick starts out extremely strong for a zombie flick, within the first five minutes you have a zombie kill and your ears are given the most exquisite of zombie fan treats- “BRAINS!!!” After the strong start it slows down a bit. We are given some zombie treats here and there, enough to please any zombie fan- like bum zombies and rat zombies. In these small mad scientist moments is where Peter Coyote shines- where he’s experimenting with bringing dead things to life. And here is where we come to the only real flaw with this film; these great scenes are cut together with really drawn out scenes involving the kids. I really don’t have anything good to say about “Julian” the lead in this film, he’s excruciating to watch, not only is he not a good actor, he has one facial expression, which looks like he’s taking a **** and it’s leaving him sideways. This expression is made for every emotion in the film. If he weren’t surrounded with either better characters or just outright ridiculous engrish it would have seriously hurt the film. In fact, I’d say the reason this film works so well is the engrish, classic lines like “Nice pooper” and “Christmas is Cool” really make the movie, the Russian actors are a riot, hopefully they will make the final cut. The sad thing is
the actor who plays the character Zeke is a good actor, and has quite a bit of on-screen presence, it’s just unfortunate that they can’t flip flop the two.

We don’t really get into full on masses of zombies until the last act but it’s worth it, we get some decent kills, people ripped in half, head crushes, head explosions, zombies being fought with nun-chucks, zombies whooping ass in fist fights, it’s just great. Over all this film is fun, and with some simple editing in the next few weeks this film can be an extremely strong outing for the series. If they trim a bit of the kids out in the middle it would help it’s pacing ten-fold. The effects are good, but there’s a couple of dime-store mask zombies in the background the look of the zombies is bit generic, but I feel this is due to the fact that there really aren’t any standout character zombies as there were in the first two. And the two character zombies they bring in, the “Uber Zombies” are merely props, and it doesn’t help that they look more like the Borg then they do zombies. Plus they’re totally under used, in fact they only kill one person and frankly it’s kind of a cop-out. But with all its faults it’s still a very fun movie, I was entertained from beginning to end. If released as is I would still recommend buying this one when it comes out.

4 out of 5 skulls

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