You Have Enough Stuff! What More Do You Need? SHEESH!

If your shelves weren’t filled enough- like your mom doesn’t tell you to throw away all that junk because it collects dust- now it’s time for more crap to ensure you have even less space. Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles has signed a new license for Army of Darkness, according to This new license includes a collectable beanie release, which will be hitting stores in May of 2005. Read on for the full story… continues, “The assortment of beanies will depict main characters from the popular movie, and have significant play value. Ash, the main character, will have a removable chainsaw on his hand to reveal a metal hand. Evil Ash will have a removable jaw, while the Deadite plush has removable arms and legs.

“All of our past film based beanies, like Hellboy and Alien vs Predator, have been very well received,” said Chuck Terceira, Diamond Select Director. “And this continuation of the line featuring a cult classic like Army of Darkness will no doubt be as exciting as our previous beanie releases.”

Diamond Select has previously released “cutified plush dolls” based on horror or sci-fi films. In 2004, beanies based on the film Alien vs Predator were released and the response from the fans was fabulous. Those beanies, which featured bendable hair on the Predator and a pull out mouth on the Alien were so well received that a second edition was released. Other past releases include an Alien “facehugger,” beanie which collapses into an egg, and several beanies based on the popular film Hellboy.

The film Army of Darkness was released in 1993 and has had a cultish following ever since. It was the third film in The Evil Dead trilogy and has created a solid following of fans who are eager to see new products hit the market. When chainsaw yielding Ash went 600 years into the past in Army of Darkness, he fought not only against the Army of Darkness, but also against a Deadite version of himself. Diamond Select’s previous Army of Darkness releases, including statues and busts, have been well received by the films devoted following and the early feedback from the plushes has been much of the same.”

Source: Action-Figure