New Line Puts the Big Franchises on Hold? Come On!

The problem with reporting news like this is that it lacks some substance. Inside you’ll find some news that appears to be quite alarming and negative when there’s nothing really in there to give you that sense a presentament. Like no ‘Blade’ spin-off? No ‘Freddy vs Jason 2′- bullsh-t. Read on and let me respond.
Creature-Corner reports the following, read below for my response:

It seems that the Blade franchise is dead, but what about that Nightstalkers spinoff film that Blade: Trinity was supposed to launch? The Corner dropped a line to New Line Cinema’s Toby Emmerich and asked him about the status of the Nightstalkers film as well as the status, this week’s status, of Freddy Vs. Jason 2. “There are no plans for another Freddy Vs. Jason film right now,” says Emmerich who wrote the excellent 2000 time-travel thriller Frequency. “There are no plans right now for a Nightstalkers film until I see how well Blade: Trinity does on video.”

Before I rant, I’d like to say no disrespect intended. This is just how I feel about the situation.

First I’d like to point out that Toby Emmerich had nothing to do with either the ‘Blade’ or FvJ’ franchises- at least according to IMDB. There are so many people working at New Line in different areas that a lot of people in one section know stuff that others do not.

Second, ‘Blade Trinity’ did not flop. It pulled in $70.8 million worldwide, which is still a lot. It cost approx $65 million so it didnt lose money. After the DVD hits, it will make some serious dough. Dump useless Snipes and bring in Ryan Reynolds and Biel, who cost pennies compared to other stars out there- who I might add are contractually obliged to do the spin-off (which means they aren’t getting squat for a raise) and you’ve got a spin-off. Mark my words; it still is in the cards.

Last is ‘Freddy vs Jason 2.’ All we know is that Ash is OUT. The movie made over $80 million in the US, plus international and DVD numbers- it BANKED. A sequel WILL get made; I don’t give a butts crack what Toby Emmerich says. Mark my words again. Freddy and Jason will be back.

Mr D. out

Source: Creature-Corner