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June 1988… Summer Was Never The Same. ‘House of Flies’ Trailer

Now in post and hitting the festival circuit is Gabriel Carrer’s indie In the House of Flies. Director Carrer and writer Angus McLellan are taking us to the memorable retro-Eighties with the uncomfortable and distressing psychological thriller In the House of Flies featuring punk-rock legend, social commentator, prominent writer, publisher, and actor Henry Rollins; award-winning Canadian actor Ryan Barrett; and talented newcomers Ryan Kotack and Lindsay Smith.

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June 1988… Summer Was Never The Same.

In the House of Flies tells the story of young lovers whose lives are inadvertently changed forever. An innocent couple, Heather (Smith) and Steve (Kotack), suddenly find themselves abducted. By whom? For what purpose? Alone, isolated, and locked in an undisclosed, suburban basement, Heather and Steve find themselves pawns in a psychological mind game with their diabolical hosts.

Surrounded by several mysterious and locked suitcases – each containing valuable clues to their very own survival – Heather and Steve must exploit what remains of their bruised intellect and depleting sanity to escape the authority of their unidentified and brutal abductors (Rollins and Barrett). From this day forward, summer was never the same.



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