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The Vicious Brothers Find More ‘Grave Encounters’ Footage

Update: Added the official sales poster inside. We also discovered the film is to be directed by John Poliquin.

Another Cannes announcement as Darclight Films is getting behind a sequel to the The Vicious Brothers’ absolutely generic and bland Grave Encounters, which apparently was a massive success on VOD.

Already in pre-production, “This terrifying new sequel follows a group of film students who break into the hospital from the first film to do their own paranormal investigation and quickly realize that Grave Encounters was not just a movie… it was real.

As eluded to in the synopsis, the movie is once again found footage. I love found footage, what I don’t love is found footage in a hospital or asylum. That’s so last year.



  • anthonyd1

    I thought the first one was decent; although there is definitely a lot of room for improvement for the second installment. I hope they deliver a no holds barred intense found footage horror movie. And I disagree I think found footage in a hospital or asylum could still be fucking scary and insane

  • PatrickxJonathan

    No. Just No.

  • babagloom

    “Absolutely generic and bland Grave Encounters”. Hahahahahah

  • Amphlett18

    That sounds like really smart writing from Vicious Brothers because we a lot of same rip off titles that copy other films…..they actually doing a sequel, which is proofing that. I bet some teens actors will try and re-do same scenes from the first one and it’s goes wrong lol Just brilliant!!!!! I’m ordering Grave Encounters Blu-Ray on Friday to add my collection and I think will be added this also when it’s release of course:)

  • mandi24

    I thought Grave Encounters was pretty scary the first time around,looking forward to a sequel hopefully it will explain what was going on in the end of the first movie

  • crow454

    This was just an absolutely horribly bad movie. It was bland and generic, and predictable, and contrived. Not to mention poorly acted and put together. One of the single most un-scary over-hyped POS since Insidious. Found Footage only works if there is an element of plausibility, as if the audience were a voyeur to events that could have happened. When the Vicious Bros started mixing over-done Hollywood contrivances and fantasy elements into this you were completely removed from the premise…typical wide-mouthed black-eyed crawling on the ceiling beasties and the laws of physics of the hospital being broken = lame. Reminded me of another hyped on this site POS: Yellowbrickroad.

    • TheGonzoJoint

      Agreed on Yellowbrickroad. Hated that piece of shit. Disagree on Grave Encounters and Insidious. I liked both of them. Although not too much. They’re flawed, but I was entertained.

  • EvilHead1981

    Am I the only one annoyed that these guys are called the Vicious Bros? It’s like the Butcher Bros or McG, do these guys really think they are “rock star” level that they have to name themselves like if they were a musical act? What’s next, directors called “Oblivion Wake”, “Deathkeel” and “Ripper Syndicate”? URgh!

  • TheGonzoJoint

    I honestly enjoyed the hell out of Grave Encounters. I cannot deny that it’s derivative and familiar but it’s a lot of spooky fun. But this is just stupid. It’s like Paranormal Activity. It’s a cash-in. The poster implies more “scary” demon faces. I don’t go to horror movies to watch an extended screamer, I expect solid suspense, and in my opinion the first film delivered just that in sufficient doses. What more can they do? I like the idea of the first film, but to answer the question, there’s not much to expand upon at all. Just another run-of-the-mill, rinse-repeat horror flick, I guess.

  • horrornerddotcom

    Here we go again….again.

    • Droolbear

      and again… and again… and… ugh.

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