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The Worst Company In America Drops Some News About Some Of The Best Games In The World

E.A. might have been named the worst company in America, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some kick ass games out. Crysis 3 was announced and it looks INFREAKINGCREDIBLE. Mass Effect 3, and Battlefield 3 both with awesome campaigns and multiplayers. If you check out the video past the break E.A. updates you on the newly announced Crysis 3, new Battlefield 3 DLC, and Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer weekend. If you haven’t seen the debut trailer for Crysis 3, let me just say, it looks amazing. That and Battlefield 3 are neck and neck for the 2 best looking games out there.



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  • doctrina

    i read this story on my mainbase for gameinfo and i dont understand this info because on this planet to earn this trophy big nonensens this award are the same like a big fail on the entertainment scene. A Entertainment company as worstest company there are no better entertainment on this planet.

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