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Advance Review: Reincar(Nate) #1

“Hoax Hunters” scribe Michael Moreci recently ventured into the strange lands of Kickstarter in order to help fund his upcoming project Reincar(Nate). While Kickstarter is home to a bunch of trash and amateurs trying to get some money, it’s also a home to some incredible work from some brilliant comic creators. Fortunately, “Reincar(Nate)” falls in the company of the latter. Moreci and Burns offer a wacky neo-private eye story that follows Nate, who after being shot in the head, gains the ability to see past versions of himself. Issue #1 is a wonderful introduction to a strange and dreamlike sci-fi world that instantly leaves you wanting more.

What is most intriguing about “Reincar(Nate)” is the treatment of the private investigator. While most neo-noir stories tend to give the PI hard-ass character traits and a nonchalant attitude, Moreci doesn’t abide by classic hard boiled standards. Instead, he offers a more realistic character, a private eye in an age where private eye’s don’t really have any value, and are not nearly as cool as they are in the movies. Nate is not a played out chain-smoking ladies man, rather he’s a down in the dumps average Joe who wasn’t good enough to make the police force. He’s the only person crazy enough to be PI in the advanced society. Setting the “realistic” PI in a futuristic, vibrantly colored world, separates this from other crime books on the market. Oh, and the fact that he can see past versions of himself. Aside from Nate, Moreci introduces a bunch of other great secondary characters, that give the book great depth after only one issue.

Aside from the great characters, the plot itself draws you right in. After Nate’s near-death experience, he starts to see two other versions of himself. One a badass cowboy, the other a mid twentieth century hitman. While we don’t get much information about them, or the man who put the hit on Nate, it leaves a tremendous amount of mystery to keep you hungry for more. It seems that the crime ring Nate now finds himself in will span across decades, and I can’t wait to see how he enlists the help of his other selves.

Co-creator and artist Keith Burns absolutely kills it in this issue. The dark streets contrasted with the tawdry bright lights and billboards give it a Blade Runner feel. The vibrant colors are really what bring the world to life, and you can easily imagine how it could contrast with the worlds in the past later on in the series. There are some unconventional panel layouts that you wouldn’t see from one of the major publishers and it’s a treat to see experimental designs.

Kickstarter is a tough way for creators to realize a project. It takes a lot of work, shameless self-promotion, and a little bit of luck. I assure you, Moreci and Burns’ “Reincar(Nate)” is a book that deserves to reach its Kickstarted goal. There are only a few days left, and a whole bunch of awesome “backing” options. If you have an extra few bucks and you want to support what looks to be a great series, whether it’s $1 or $300, this is a project that is well worth the cash. Both of these guys have spilled their guts into this and the passion comes right off the page.

“Reincar(Nate)” is a gripping sci-fi crime story that’s got it all. This is a strong first issue, with great characterization, and a unique, slightly eerie, twist on traditional neo-noir. After finishing the issue, it left so much unanswered, so much intrigue, that I instantly wanted more. Moreci and Burns have something special here, and I can’t wait to read the rest.

You can show your love and help support Reincar(Nate) at the Kickstarter page. There are only a few days left, so do it now, before it’s too late!



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